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Published: Feb. 26, 2018 at 8:01 PM MST
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*** All prices mentioned in this blog are likely to change by the minute

This is a snapshot on Monday night, Feb. 26. ***

“Hamilton: An American Musical” opens this week at The Buell Theatre in Denver. It is a long-awaited, much-hyped arrival that has had fans scrambling for tickets and turning to secondary market sales to try to get in to see what it’s all about. The big question: Is "Hamilton" worth the hype?

Yes. It is incredibly good.

Is "Hamilton" worth the price? Not the top price. What show would be though? Two thousand dollars for a show that plays eight times a week? I don’t think so. (That’s what some orchestra seats in Denver are listed for tonight on StubHub) If it was a once in a lifetime, one show only Pink Floyd reunion or something equivalent, then maybe you could see someone paying that much for a front row seat, but I wouldn’t pay that for "Hamilton," or any other multi-performance entertainment offering.

The official ticket source for the Denver run sold out very quickly. Some people got lucky and snagged a pair – most did not. Here’s the good news. I checked StubHub Monday night, the night before the opening.

For Saturday, March 3 at 7 p.m., there are a pair of tickets available for $192 each. They’re at the back, but at least you’ll be in "the room where it happens." If you are a huge fan of this show or of musical theatre in general and you can afford it, then I think that is just about worth the money. On Sunday, March 4 you can get in for $179. StubHub guarantees your ticket purchase. Other sites might too, but I’ve always had good luck with StubHub.

For March 3 in New York, a ticket to see "Hamilton" on Broadway will cost you at least $330. I’ve noticed the Broadway resale prices are coming down. The StubHub prices do go down as curtain time draws near. There are some relative bargains on the day of the show.

For the Chicago production, the lowest price for Saturday night right now stands at $225 on the secondary market. On other nights you can get in for as little as $68 through StubHub. It’s been playing there for more than a year, and there are some tickets available from the theatre in the weeks ahead for face value, as low as $65. If you can get a cheap flight to Chicago and a good deal on a hotel, that’s an option.

The best deal of all will take a little luck. Before each performance of "Hamilton" in Denver, 40 tickets will be sold for just $10 each through a lottery.

I don’t think I’ll see it in Denver. I tried to get tickets the day they went on sale and I failed. I’m busy or out of town for many of the weekend performances – I work at night, so I can only go on weekends.

I have managed to see it twice on Broadway. Once on Jan. 3rd, 2016 – I watched StubHub right up until 20 minutes before curtain – spotted a single ticket that dropped to under $200, bought it and printed it out at the business center in my hotel - you have to have a printed ticket to get in, not just a phone version – at least in New York. Then I scrambled to the Richard Rogers Theatre and got in just in time. It was spectacular!

The next time I bought tickets at face value through the box office, many many months in advance. That time, Jan. 3, 2017, I was able to take my sister Jen and her husband and my niece and nephews. There was a six ticket limit. We all loved it.

Is "Hamilton" worth the hype? If you like that kind of entertainment and that kind of music – yes, you will love it!

If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t overspend to see "Hamilton" or to be seen at "Hamilton."

We’ll talk again soon.


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