Temperatures rising -- and so is teen drug use

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The numbers on the thermometer are creeping upward -- and so is teen drug use.

With summer in full swing, teens have plenty of time on their hands to start experimenting. Recovery.org says on an average summer day, about 11,000 teens take their first drink -- up from 8,000 during the school year. The site says first time use of marijuana, hallucinogens and inhalants are at an all-time high.

It's not just a national issue -- Colorado Springs police say that in just a three-month span last year, nearly 70 teens faced some sort of drug or narcotics violation. One hundred and ninety teens total faced some sort of drug violation last year.

And these are just the teens who were cited -- there's likely more teens in the community who are doing drugs and just haven't been caught.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says teen crimes do go up during the summer because teens are out of their daily routines.

Citizens 11 News spoke with about the issue agreed.

"I think boredom plays a huge part in it," said Gail Warden.

A new drug testing facility in Colorado Springs, ARCpoint Labs, says they want to give parents the tools they need to make sure their kids aren't doing drugs.

"It's not just, 'Hey, show up, here's your result, good luck.' It's, 'Here's some things you can look for, here's a difference between cocaine and meth; a cocaine pipe, a meth pipe, a marijuana pipe, for example,' so if they see something they can know what it is," said David Robison, the owner of ARCpoint Labs.

Robison, a former reserve sheriff's deputy, says he wants to help parents know what to look for in their kids, how drugs will affect their kids' bodies and the kids' individual health statuses, and provide resources for teens who need help.

"I got into the DUI and DUI drug enforcement side of things [as a deputy], and I really saw the nastier side of drug use and drug addiction, and I just was inspired to get involved," he told 11 News.

ARCPoint Labs is located just north of the Citadel Mall.