Teens caught on camera burglarizing small businesses, arrested

Published: Jun. 25, 2016 at 9:54 PM MDT
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Three teenagers are caught on camera ransacking multiple businesses in Colorado Springs.

Both of the stores were on South Academy and had thousands of dollars in damage from the thieves.

Springs police say they responded to a burglary alarm at Vapor Time around 2 a.m. on Friday.

A nearby business owner also called police when he saw what was happening.

"You'll find there will be a close knit group of small businesses especially in strip malls and they look out for each other and that's a good thing,” said Colorado Springs Police Lieutenant Hugh Velasquez.

They were caught on camera there, but that wasn’t the end of their crime spree.

Just a few hours later, officers were dispatched to a second business burglary alarm at AC Expo. There, the thieves were caught on camera from several angles. In the video you can see them breaking display cases and stealing random items around the store.

"Having real clear video surveillance is still pretty rare so she must have a pretty good system in her store,” Velasquez said.

Police say both businesses security systems, neighbors looking out for them, along with their surveillance made things pretty simple for them to catch the crooks.

"It was those things combined with an officer that was really vigilant listening to what had gone on recently and observing some behavior in the neighborhood and getting on that situation right away,” Velasquez said.

Less than an hour after the second burglary, a patrol officer saw the three teens riding bikes, with their loot in tow.

Police were able to arrest them and recover some of the stolen goods. All face charges with multiple burglaries.