THE WRITTEN WARD: Coast to coast, Day 5

In September I went on an amazing adventure with a buddy named James Mosley. He's been a great friend of mine for more than 30 years. We hiked coast to coast across northern England. This is part of a series of articles about that hike.

Day 5, Back on Track
An early morning evaluation brought the decision to give it a shot. James said his feet were painful but not unbearable.

James boots

The blisters were bandaged and we were ready to go. The trail started in a small village on a paved road and each step seemed to go OK.

James village

We were back on track.

Don into woods

We were quickly back into the woods, then out into farm fields again.

Don hay

The directions were now coming from guide books.

James guidebook

Our coast to coast route now followed two other well known routes. This trail was well marked.

Dirt road

A few hours and many miles in, we stopped to sit on some rocks in a pasture. This was our second coolest lunch spot on the journey.
We often bought pre-made lunches from the B&B's where we stayed. This was all part of the arrangements made when we booked this whole thing through Contours Walking Holidays. Sometimes we would pass through a village large enough to have a shop or a cafe, but usually not. The lunch break also allowed further study of the guide book.

James lunch book

With every mile I wondered about James's feet, but he pressed on.

James walking smile

The scenery once again was amazing on this part of the journey.

James walk


Mock the selfie stick all you want, but with no one else around, it was the only way to get both of us in a picture and show some of the view too. I bought one and I used it with no shame!


We arrived at the day's destination, a place called Osmotherly, with no new problems and blisters that were better than the day before. We were back on track.


Up next: Day 6 brings some challenging up and down climbs across the moors, and some breathtaking views!

We'll talk again soon.