THE WRITTEN WARD: Coast to coast, day 7

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In September I went on an amazing adventure with a buddy named James Mosley. He's been a great friend of mine for more than 30 years. We hiked coast to coast across northern England. This is part of a series of articles about that hike.


misty hill

It was a misty start to this 10-mile stage.

mist view

We climbed up a steep path to some higher moorlands. We ended up at about 1,300 feet.

Don near hill

path on hill

Again, it was a pretty tough climb, but we wanted to be challenged.

sweaty and tired

Eventually things leveled off and we were walking along Carr Ridge.


We were treated to amazing views once again. Some say Yorkshire is the most beautiful part of England -- this must be why.



There is something so special about looking to your left, mile after mile, and seeing that patchwork of green and brown spreading out below.

patchwork of color

When the view is constant for hours it is something you can begin to take for granted. We made sure to stop once in awhile, just to take in and appreciate what we were so privileged to be seeing.

tree trunk view


After a few hours and several more miles, we stopped along the roadside in the small village of Kildale to eat our pre-packed lunch. A guest joined us for the picnic.


This is why the chicken crossed the road.

We were supposed to stop at Kildale, but we colluded with three other hikers, who were staying at our same B&B, to push on another 3 miles to make the final day a little shorter.



The North Sea: our final destination was now clearly in sight and just another day away. We were all picked up for our arranged ride to the B&B an extra 3 miles down the road.

big rock

The day ended with a little bit of fatigue and a lot of optimism about completing the long journey in just one more day.

Up Next: The final trek to the east coast – and more beautiful sights along the way!

We’ll talk again soon.

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