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I love to travel and I try do do it whenever possible. When I am fortunate enough to have a really cool experience, I like to share it here in the hope that others can do it too!

I was lucky enough earlier this month to take a trip to New York City. I’ve been several times before -- it’s one of my favorite places to visit. This time I did something I’d never done before.


I was able to climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, all the way into the crown. It’s quite a climb, and it’s worth every step!

liberty tight shot

There are 377 steps from the lobby to the viewing area inside Lady Liberty’s Crown.

I’d seen the statue before. It is inspiring to see it from the shore in Battery Park or from a boat on a cruise around Manhattan, and especially on a visit to Liberty Island. I had done all that in the past.
This time though, I planned ahead. That’s what it takes to get to the top. You can’t just show up and get a ticket to climb to the crown. The Statue of Liberty has been closed to climbers at various times in recent years for safety concerns and for renovations. When it finally reopened in 2013, the tickets to the top were sold out months in advance.

This trip to New York included my sister Jen and her family. As soon as we decided to make the trip, she got online and booked tickets to make the climb.

kids with Liberty behind

I just checked and it looks like they’re booked about two or three weeks out now. So plan ahead if you’re heading to the Big Apple. Make tickets to the top a priority. There are many more tickets available to go part of the way up, to the top of the pedestal, but a journey to the crown is worth the extra effort.

There are 146 steps up from the pedestal to the crown, and you climb up a tight spiral staircase. This is what it looks like on the inside, from the pedestal, as you're about to start the final part of the climb.

spiral staircase

The National Park Service warn you not to try it if you are claustrophobic or if you have a heart condition or respiratory problems. If you are in reasonably good shape, you can make it.

We went up on a cloudy, drizzly day, but it was still inspiring to see the view of Lower Manhattan and the surrounding water from the top such an iconic structure. The photo below was taken from the pedestal, not the top.

Don with Manhattan behind

This next picture below shows me with my niece Kate and my nephews Ryan and Evan.

Don with kids

And here’s a picture of Jen and her husband Greg with all the kids, right in the crown.

Lennon family

There’s not much room at the top, and you don’t stay very long because you need to make way for others to have their moment at the windows.

Evan looks out

If you can, plan ahead, book a ticket online and climb to the crown. We all loved it.

I'll leave you with my favorite photo of Lady Liberty. I took this a few years ago on a boat tour.

Statue of Liberty at sunset

We’ll talk again soon.