TESSA hosts Champions of Change Summit, aims to prevent domestic violence & sexual assault

Published: Jul. 6, 2017 at 5:52 PM MDT
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Stopping domestic violence in our community is a huge task.

So community leaders are meeting to figure out ways to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault in Colorado Springs.

It's being hosted by TESSA, a non-profit which works to help victims.

More than 100 community leaders came together Thursday and will meet again on Friday for the summit.

TESSA says Colorado Springs police respond to about 30-40 domestic violence calls each day. They want to see those numbers go down.

Law enforcement, the district attorney's office, business, military and healthcare leaders are all a part of the conversation.

They're aiming to create a plan that will help stop domestic violence and sexual assault before it happens.

They hope this plan will engage the community to get involved as well.

"Our hope is that we'll get some really bold ideas to impact our community and people will see change over time. But it will take the whole community working together because it's a big complex problem,” said TESSA’s Executive Director Sherry Boyles.

In May, TESSA announced new programs to help domestic violence victims with housing and legal issues.

This summit is part of TESSA's 40th anniversary .