Court documents: Husband reportedly leaves wife's body in alley, hoped someone else would call 911

Rashad Jackson (Photo: Pueblo Police Dept.)
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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Court documents say a murder suspect reportedly left his wife's body in an alley in hopes someone else would notice and call 911.

Pueblo police announced on Tuesday they'd arrested 22-year-old Rashad Jackson on second-degree murder charges. Jackson was married to the victim, 22-year-old Greythonia Jackson. Court documents say they had two children.

Pueblo police say they received a call on Monday evening of a dead body in an alley between the 1600 block of Pine and Spruce.

"They located a female, early 20s, deceased," said Sgt. Frank Ortega with the police department.

Court documents obtained by 11 News Wednesday say when officers arrived on scene Monday evening, the suspect told them his wife went to 7-Eleven to get milk for their child the night before. The suspect told officers when his wife did not come home, he took his kids to a local library to try and contact her. On the way to the library, he told officers he noticed a pair of feet in the alley. He said he didn't want his kids to see, so he turned around and found someone else to call 911.

Detectives on scene got ahold of nearby surveillance video, which showed a male party pushing a stroller with "some type of wrap-around cover" in an alley on Monday afternoon. That male party was later identified by police as the suspect.

Officers on scene investigating saw the victim appeared to have facial injuries, including a split and dried bloody lip and a possible missing or broken front tooth.

Court documents say later Monday night, detectives interviewed the suspect again. He said he got into a fight with his wife Sunday night. Court documents say after some hitting, biting and punches, the couple went to sleep. The suspect said he woke up to his baby crying and noticed his wife wasn't moving or breathing. The suspect said he tried CPR and realized she was dead.

According to court documents, the suspect said he never had plans to kill his wife, he just woke up and saw she "wasn't with him anymore." The suspect said he put his wife in a stroller and moved her to the alley where someone else would find her and call 911.

The suspect told detectives he woke up Monday and saw his wife was still lying in the alley. He said he moved his wife's body so a nearby neighbor would see and call 911. After some time, he said nobody had noticed his wife's body, so he found a lady on the street to call 911. The suspect said he didn't call 911 because he had no phone to do it.

Ortega told 11 News the death was suspicious immediately because of where the woman was found and was later elevated to a homicide investigation. This is the city's third homicide in 2020.

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