Three suspects recaptured after escaping from Colorado ICE facility

Amilcar Aguilar-Hernandez (Photo courtesy of ICE)

AURORA, Colo. (KKTV) - -----UPDATE 6/21/2/019------

On Friday, ICE announced that all three suspects have been found and recaptured.

Here is a part of the statement that was sent out by ICE:

"Aguilar-Hernandez was located and apprehended in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when he was apprehended by ICE deportation officers. To evade recapture, he slept at a job site and gave his possessions to his escapee accomplices.

Amaya-Arriaga was discovered in a suburban Denver house where another illegal alien agreed to harbor him. ICE deportation officers arrested Amaya-Arriaga and the man who harbored him.

Perez-Rodriguez was arrested by deportation officers in Denver as he left an apartment in a large complex."

A rape suspect is among three fugitives still on the run after escaping from an Aurora ICE facility Sunday afternoon.

The trio reportedly scaled a 15-foot chain link fence, then jumped a wall in the recreation area just after noon and have remained at large since.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says one of the escapees, 23-year-old Amilcar Aguilar-Hernandez, is a suspect in a rape case out of Fort Carson. No further details on the case were provided.

The two who escaped with him, 18-year-olds Douglas Amaya-Arriaga and Carlos Perez-Rodriguez, do not have a criminal history, ICE said. All are now wanted on federal criminal warrants for escaping.

The three are all from Central America. No photos are available at the time of this writing.

Carlos Perez-Rodriguez has no criminal history, according to ICE. (Photo courtesy of ICE)
Douglas Amaya-Arriaga has no criminal history, according to ICE. (Photo courtesy of ICE)