Suspect killed during Pueblo standoff identified

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - The suspect in a deadly shooting was shot and killed by police following a standoff in a Pueblo mobile home park Friday afternoon.

Detectives had been looking for 37-year-old Gene Pool for four days when they caught sight of his vehicle on Pueblo's east side.

"They got into a vehicle pursuit with him, and the pursuit led them to this trailer park [Stagecoach Mobile Home Park]," said Capt. Kenny Rider with the Pueblo Police Department.

Pool managed to get out of his vehicle and into a mobile home, where he barricaded himself.

"He was armed," Rider said. "... There were some other occupants inside the trailer that came out and confirmed that was him inside the trailer."

Rider said the other occupants were never Pool's hostages and came out on their own. Pool, meanwhile, refused officer orders to surrender. SWAT and Critical Response teams were called to the scene as the situation turned into a standoff.

"All the SWAT coming in and bringing in the big guns and all of that," said neighbor Lucas Dowd.

Neighbors began filming the commotion on their phones, inadvertently capturing the moment the standoff escalated.

"It was just a rain of gunshots all at once. Everybody," Dowd said.

Neighbor Ken Hefty mimicked the sound of a machine gun as he described what he heard to 11 News reporter Catherine Silver.

It's unclear if the suspect fired at officers or what else it was that led law enforcement to use their weapons. But Rider confirmed six officers fired their guns.

"The SWAT team and officers ended up shooting at the suspect and now he's deceased," Rider said.

No law enforcement was hurt.

The county coroner identified the suspect as Pool one day later.

Pool is thought to be linked to the shooting on 11th Street Tuesday that took the life of 23-year-old Wayne Riddock.

The six officers have been placed on administrative leave during the investigation, which is standard protocol.
Rider said the neighbors' footage will come in handy during the investigation.

"Right now, they [police] are taking lots of video, photography, doing measurements and picking up any physical evidence on scene. Doing a neighborhood canvas, talking to the neighbors, identifying witnesses and all sorts of things like that.”