Suspect arrested after tense situation with police

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A man was taken into custody after a brief standoff with officers late Saturday night.

Police were called to the 3900 block of North Nevada Avenue just before midnight on reports of a man trying to force his way into a home. The caller feared the suspect was trying to attack the people in the house.

Responding officers saw the suspect lurking behind a building and ordered him to come out. He allegedly ignored police commands and "took an aggressive stance with officers," a CSPD lieutenant wrote on the Colorado Springs police blotter. The suspect appeared to change his mind about cooperating after more officers showed up; police said he then complied and was taken into custody without further incident.

Based on the investigation, police say prior to their arrival the suspect had kicked in the door at a home up the street and had then tried to get into the second home, where the 911 caller lived. The occupants in that house heard a noise outside and were able to keep the suspect from getting in.

No injuries were reported.

The police department praised the officer who had most closely dealt with the suspect during the incident.

"Officer Scheppele did a great job remaining calm and maintaining contact with a potentially violent suspect and directing officers to where they were needed and how to get to him," the police department wrote on the blotter.

The suspect has been identified as Valentino White.