Study finds thousands are victims of 'catfishing'

Published: Feb. 19, 2019 at 10:28 AM MST
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A new study shows thousands of people were conned out of $200 million from 'catfishing'. That's where con artists trick you by using a fake profile.

Con artists are constantly fooling people on dating apps and websites. A new study from

shows that nearly 300 people in Colorado were victims of catfishing in 2017. They pulled the numbers from the FBI's annual report.

Victims in Colorado lost more than $3 million to the crime. Scammers will build a relationship with you to build up your trust. Then they will ask you for money and steal from you.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation warns that crooks can pull your photo from social media or other websites and use it to create a fake profile to trick people.

You can check to see if your image is being used by scammers by running a reverse Google image search to see if it shows up anywhere else. If you do find your photo being used on a dating site, contact the site right away to tell them. Then, reach out to CBI.

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