Student's face used in racist post

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) A local mother is angry after her teenage son's face was superimposed onto a racist image, then shared with students throughout Cheyenne Mountain High school.

"His face is on the picture. People who don't know him, people who do know him, his face is now on a racial post that's being passed around to who knows," said Urieda Wethington, the boy's mother.

The image says "Around Blacks, Never Relax" and shows a cartoon body holding a knife with Wethington's son's face pasted on top of the head. Wethington and her son are African-American.

A Cheyenne Mountain High School student created the image and sent it to other students on Snapchat. Some of those students grabbed a screenshot of the image and sent it to Wethington, who told the school what happened.

School District 12 told 11 News another student told the administration what happened too.

"We're not going to tolerate any kind of harassing or hateful speech, racially charged images of any kind. That's a clear violation of our code of conduct," said Dr. Walt Cooper, superintendent of Cheyenne Mountain School District 12.

Cooper said the student who sent the image was suspended as soon as the school found out about it.

That was something Wethington said she didn't find out about until a week after the racist post was discovered.

"I feel like the school could have done more," she said, "[Her son] didn't get the help he needed and the other student possibly may not be getting any help he needs."

Wethington said she hopes the student who created the image has access to counseling and education to address why he would spread a racist post with her son's face on it.

District 12 said their policy is to typically not share disciplinary action of students with the public or with other parents.

Wethington said her kids have been in District 12 for six years and they've never had an issue to this extent, but she hope all school districts have a broader conversation with their students about bullying and hate speech.

"It wasn't just about him. It was about a whole race of students. It can be black, white, Mexican -- it's targeting a specific race and that's just not fair," she said.

Cooper told 11 News that while the student who created the image is suspended, their investigation is not over.

"That's my responsibility, to decide the ultimate outcome for what happens in terms of consequences here and we're still working on that," he said.

The school district encourages students to report anything they see at school that’s concerning and use tools like Safe2Tell if they want to remain anonymous.