Student hit by car at Colorado Springs middle school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) A middle schooler hit by a car Thursday morning is recovering.

He's expected to be okay, but parents who witnessed the accident are shaken up and say the area around North Middle School in Colorado Springs needs to be safer.

They say there are not enough indicators showing it's a school zone. There are no flashing lights and no speed limit signs, to warn drivers to slow down.

"He looked left, he looked right. There was cars coming, they stopped at the crosswalk to let other students cross, so he thought it was safe. He couldn't see past his mom's SUV. He ran out and hit another SUV. He went up in the air, hit the ground, he stood back up and went over to the sidewalk in pain,” Elizabeth Whisler said.

EMT’s checked the student out. CSPD says the accident is under investigation.

"He had tire marks on his left side of his jeans, it was pretty scary,” Whisler said.

That student is expected to be ok, but parents who saw the accident say this brings up a bigger safety issue.

"She was a school employee, she should've known to go slower there,” Whisler said.

District 11 could not comment on whether or not the driver was an employee.

In the meantime, this mom wants answers.

"I think it needs to be a community group and community planning. Only if we work together will it ultimately make it safer for the kids,” Whisler said.

The city tells 11 News flashing lights are used more often at elementary schools and intersections without a crosswalk button.
They say these pedestrian bump-outs at North Middle School, are supposed to help with safety because the students don't have to cross the full part of the street.