String of car break-ins in different neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - UPDATE (3/27): After our story aired about a string of car break-ins in Colorado Springs, several other viewers reached out to us to share their own stories.

Suspects caught on surveillance breaking into a car in Colorado Springs.

One man sent us video of someone rummaging through his van. It happened about a week ago near Oro Blaco and North Carefree in northeastern Colorado Springs. The owner told us the suspects stole his work bag and his son's video games.

11 News Reporter Katie Pelton asked police if we are seeing more cases this year. Colorado Springs Police told us last year at this time there were about 999 thefts from car break-ins. So far this year, we've had about 960, so the numbers are pretty close.

CSPD wants to remind everyone to lock your vehicles and make sure you do not leave any valuables inside, like your purse or wallet.

Previous story (3/26): There have been a string of break-ins in a couple different neighborhoods in Colorado Springs and the crooks were caught on camera.

“I came out, I opened my car door, my glove compartment was open, my center console was open, and I could tell all of my things had been rummaged through," one woman, who didn't want to use her name, told 11 News reporter Katie Pelton.

She says it happened last Tuesday in a neighborhood off Lexington Drive near Briargate Boulevard in northern Colorado Springs. She caught the whole thing on camera.

"We pulled up the footage and you can see the lights turn on in my car and then someone jump in and they're obviously very young and that made my heart even more sad to see someone that young going around and looking for things from people’s cars," she said.

She said they didn't take anything.

“In the video footage, you can see that they don’t take anything out of my vehicle; their hands are completely empty," she added.

Her neighbor wasn't so lucky.

"About a month ago they went in my truck, took all my tools out of there, went in my car, took all my tools out of there and just some personal items, even some of my baby's clothes, a backpack, a diaper bag," said John Tyler.

He also caught the whole thing on surveillance video.

"Just that one time everything was unlocked," said Tyler. "That was about $3,000 in tools. They got me pretty good in just a couple of minutes."

He said they came back again last week.

"They're anywhere from middle school to 20 years old. Most of them look like high school kids," Tyler said.

Tyler said his neighbors had the same thing happen.

"I know at least five neighbors that have had over a couple hundred dollars stolen worth of stuff – kids backpacks, and that’s not even worth anything to them," he said.

Both neighbors told 11 News they accidentally left their cars unlocked. They normally keep them locked.

“I have three kids so I’m always running around," the woman said.

“We have a baby so we were rushing to get him inside and get him happy so we just left everything unlocked," Tyler said. "Normally I lock the truck every time because it has a clicker.”

On Saturday, about 5 miles away, another homeowner caught three boys breaking into his car in the University Park neighborhood near Union and Academy.

Police said those juveniles were linked to other break-ins in the area. No word if they could be the same suspects, but these neighbors have a message.

“You’re going to get caught eventually. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but if you continue doing things like this -- you will get caught," the woman warned.

A reminder for all drivers to make sure you always lock your car and don't leave anything valuable inside your vehicle, like your purse. Also, it's a good idea to take your garage opener inside with you each night.

If your car was broken into recently, or if you have any information about the suspects, you can call Colorado Springs police at 719-444-7000.