Stormwater project a new playground for fat bikers

Published: Dec. 2, 2018 at 12:28 PM MST
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Colorado Springs engineers are hoping to solve the city's stormwater problem while giving bicyclists room to play.

Fitting for Global Fat Bike Day, city leaders unveiled their newest project: a stormwater channel stabilization project that doubles as a fat bike trail.

Stormwater Education Manager Jerry Cordova says erosion around Sand Creek has been an issue for some time.

"The creeks have just kinda flowed naturally and there has been quite a bit of erosion as we have seen urban development grow. Looking at the generations to come, what we have seen at Sand Creek is about a foot of erosion a year."

The usual response to erosion didn't appeal to Cordova and others on the project.

"The most cost-effective is to bring in a bunch of fill material, backfill, drop bigger boulders on top and typically walk away because it is never going to be seen by the public. It’s functional, but not ideal."

So instead, engineers decided to make the area surrounding the Platte Avenue bridge something the community could enjoy. The filled-in areas were transformed into a technical trail for mountain bikers to tackle.

Watch the video above for a closer look at this recently-completed project and what you can expect.

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