Stolen SUV crashes into 1 mobile home, pushes parked car into 2nd

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A joyride in a stolen SUV ended in mayhem at a Colorado Springs mobile home park early Monday morning.

Police say the SUV crashed into one home inside the Canyon Ridge Mobile Home Park, then hit a parked car with enough force to shove it into a second parked vehicle, which was pushed into a second mobile home. The suspects ditched the SUV and fled the area.

"My daughter comes running in going, 'Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,' somebody hit your cars!' So I get up and come rushing out, and all I see is smoke and car damage," said Aneke Kemp, who lives in the second home hit.

"I come rushing out just to make sure the driver's okay. There's no driver."

Kemp said her vehicles took the brunt of the damage: while her home was only left with a dent, she said at least one of her vehicles may be totaled. Despite the damage to her cars, she's grateful they were parked where they were.

"My Ford is basically where it is, which is my daughter's room. So if our cars weren't there, [the SUV] would have gone straight through our daughter's room and done damage to her or probably killed her, as fast as they were going."

The incident was caught on surveillance camera, including the moment the occupants jumped out of the SUV and ran off.

Officers picked up a group of kids about a half-mile away and are currently holding them for questioning.

The homes are still livable, though the first house sustained substantial damage to the lower part of the structure.

Canyon Ridge Mobile Home Park is located in the 5100 block of Airport Road just west of Powers.