Springs teen sentenced in deadly liquor store robbery

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The then-16-year-old accomplice in a deadly liquor store robbery will remain in juvenile detention until well into his 20s.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Isaiah Trujillo, now 17, is to spend the next seven years in the Youth Offender System.

Trujillo was one of a group of teens who made the fatal decision to hold up Empire Wine and Liquors on Feb. 15, 2017. The teens were behind nearly a dozen armed robberies at the beginning of last year, but according to police never used their weapons until the night of the Empire robbery when they shot and killed 67-year-old Donat Herr.

Trujillo is not the one who pulled the trigger but was convicted as an accomplice in the robbery.

If Trujillo fails to comply with the terms of his seven-year sentence, he could face nearly 30 years in prison.

Along with Trujillo, a 13-year-old was sentenced in November to six and a half years in Youth Offender Services for the crime. Nineteen-year-old Phineas Daniels, convicted earlier this month for Herr's murder and the robbery, is expected to be sentenced in May. He faces 50-70 years in prison.

Also Tuesday, our partners at The Gazette say two other kids were charged in the 2017 robbery spree.