Springs school installs new technology to alert police if there's an active shooter

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 9:14 PM MDT
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A Colorado Springs school district is testing new technology to alert police immediately if there's an active shooter.

"Part of this is our commitment to not only hearing but listening to our community, and the advising group we've talked to has supported this kind of technology,” District 49 spokesman David Nancarrow said.

The first school in southern Colorado to test out the Blue Point Alert System is Sand Creek High School in District 49 on the east side of the Springs.

"One of the expectations parents have when they send their kids to school is this idea of safety. This blue point system adds a layer of safety,” said Sand Creek High Vice Principal Lance Carroll.

There are new alarms all over the school, separate from the fire alarms. If a student or administrator pulls one of the alarms, it will launch lockdown procedures and alert police. Blue lights will flash and the kids will hear a message telling them to turn off lights and hide.

"It's a lot different than the stories your parents tell you about how they could walk in and out of the school whenever they wanted to and had nothing to worry about,” said freshman Deliah Case.

The alarms were installed over spring break. Deliah says the new system gives her peace of mind.

"I feel a lot safer because -- we have security guards and we've had them, but sometimes a security guard isn't the one who sees the intruder, it's one of the students, and they don't know what to do,” she told 11 News.

However, if a student pulls the alarm as a prank, he or she could face criminal charges.