Springs military vet needs help finding missing support dog

Photo: Justin Krull
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A Colorado Springs military veteran needs your help.

His emotional support dog went missing during severe weather last week.

Justin Krull says Buck was scared by the thunder and took off.

"He got nervous ... he always gets nervous during storms. I was walking into the house to let him in. He was in the backyard and he got scared, and by the time I got into the house, he had got out under the gate. Ran out there and he was gone."

Buck has been Krull's best companion for eight years. Krull adopted him after four years in the Army and two overseas tours in Qatar. The former soldier says he struggled adjusting to civilian life, and Buck made the transition much easier.

"He's my buddy, he's my right-hand man ... that constant in my life."

People on social media have been sharing Buck's photo, and two days ago someone spotted the pup near Tin Star Drive in the Stetson Hills and Dublin area.

That's the last time Buck was seen.

Krull asks anyone who spots Buck to not approach him, because the dog scares easily.

Instead, get on Facebook and send Krull a message. He's on Facebook under his full name, Justin Krull.

Photo: Justin Krull
Photo: Justin Krull
Photo: Justin Krull