Woman dies in mobile home fire

Published: Jun. 21, 2018 at 5:44 AM MDT
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One person was killed following a fire that spread through a mobile home early Thursday morning. Later in the day, the sheriff's office identified the victim as 67-year-old Judith Barton.

The fire broke out just after 5 a.m. at The Springs mobile home part. At one point, it created a plume so large it could be seen from miles out. Neighbors told 11 News it spread rapidly.

"I see flames shooting out of the window," said Max Patterson, who lives nearby. "I went outside -- just to the back of my trailer, keeping a safe distance -- and looked at what was going on, and I was doing that, the shed actually caught fire as well. The flames had burned behind, through the back of the trailer into the shed."

Patterson said the fire was so intense, his mother had to close their windows to keep their own home from being filled with smoke. He was scared the flames would reach his own home, but firefighters were able to contain the fire to the single property.

The victim's brother reached out to 11 News Thursday night. He said she was wheelchair bound and called 911 before succumbing to the smoke.

"By dialing 911 before attempting to get in her wheelchair she probably ensured the fire department got there before the trailers right next to hers caught fire like the shed behind her trailer," Robert Kjorvestad wrote. "I believe her actions may have also saved a life had the fire spread."

The cause remains under investigation.