Smash-and-grab crooks strike at Fox Run Regional Park

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - A Mother's Day ruined for a family in Black Forest.

A mom and her two children went to Fox Run Regional Park Sunday, hoping to enjoy the sunshine and mild weather together as a family.

After a short hike, they returned to their car to find one of the windows shattered and the mother's purse stolen.

"She has her own business and they stole everything in there," daughter Ashley Huaman said.

Among other items, the thieves got away with Maribel Salazar's wallet and $300 in cash.

Salazar's car wasn't the only one in the parking lot hit Sunday -- the family tells 11 News the crooks broke into the car next to them and stole cellphones.

"Every week we like to come. Every week. This is the first time this has happened to us," Salazar said.

Sunday's events are a sad reminder that people have to make sure their belongings are hidden and secure whenever they are visiting area parks. It goes beyond simply locking the doors as Salazar's family unfortunately learned -- Salazar's purse was in the front seat area, making it easy pickings for thieves brazen enough to do a smash and grab.

Law enforcement recommends leaving purses and other valuables at home if you can, but if you must bring them, hide them in a more secure location in your vehicle, such as your trunk.