Small plane crashes in east Springs

Published: Apr. 15, 2018 at 1:24 PM MDT
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One person was hospitalized after a small plane crashed near Cimarron Hills Sunday afternoon.

The Cessna 210 went down on Constitution Avenue east of Powers near Tutt Boulevard, and according to police, flipped over a guardrail.

"Just traversing across the road, hitting no cars," CSPD spokesperson Lt. Howard Black described. "If you really take a hard look at the guardrail. you can see where it actually took some of the energy as the plane struck that area."

None of the three on board were badly hurt, with the sole passenger who went to the hospital only suffering minor injuries.

Colorado Springs firefighters also responded to the scene and worked to contain a fuel leak.

"About 25 gallons of fuel was leaking out of one of the wings," Black said. "That's what they've [firefighters] been putting so much of their energy into, ensuring that it's not getting into the stream."

Black said the crash looked worse than it was.

"When I first saw the aircraft, you know, you really had to wonder to what the extent of injuries were. So, very, very fortunate to be able to report that we have no serious injuries out here."