Pueblo's 4th Street closed for repairs this week following significant water main break

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - A portion of 4th Street in Pueblo will remain closed for the next several days following a major water main break over the weekend.

The water main break was located west of I-25 between Grand Avenue and Court Street.

"It's a 24-inch PVC water main," said Matt Trujillo with Pueblo Water. "So when that came apart, you basically had two open-ended 24-inch pipes dumping water onto the street.

The police department said shortly before 1:30 p.m. Saturday that the water had been turned off, but there was still a lot of debris on the roadway.

Pueblo Water ran tests to ensure the water was not contaminated, something the water department said can occur sometimes following a water main break.

"On an event like this, what happens is you have a large release of water, which causes the pressure to go to 0 or even a vacuum. So what happens is there is a possibility you could pull contaminants from the surrounding ground into the pipeline. So, when you fill the pipelines with that water, you can push those contaminants into your system," Trujillo explained.

'A boil order was in effect for roughly 24 hours for residents living in the area. The order was lifted Sunday night after the tests came back negative for contaminants.

Now, crews are shifting their focus to the road.

"The pipeline itself is fixed," Trujillo said. "Over the next week -- at least the next three days, possibly five days -- we'll be working on road repair. ... When the pipeline broke, it heaved portions of the roadway, making it impossible to traffic."

So through at least the middle of the weeks, drivers should find alternate routes and avoid that particular stretch of 4th Street.

Map of area affected by water main break. Click to view larger image. Those living in the blue shaded area are urged to boil their water before drinking or to drink bottled water. This is a precaution until test results on potential contamination come back. (Source: Pueblo Water)