Service dog has priceless reaction to meeting Scooby Doo

A service dog named Luna had a priceless reaction to meeting Scooby Doo! Photo courtesy @service.angel.luna.
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(KKTV) - An incredibly smart dog had the perfect reaction to meeting Scooby Doo at Universal Studios!

After seeing video of a young Colorado Springs boy meeting Mickey Mouse that KKTV shared, Shelby Gottschalk knew she had to send video of her service dog's reaction to Scooby. Click here for more on the boy who met Mickey.

Shelby lives with diabetes, and her dog Luna is trained to pick up a scent to notify Shelby of when her blood sugar is too high or too low. Luna was trained through Starfleet Service Dogs, Inc.

Shelby shared more about Luna, stating her service dog is able to pick up the scent of a chemical called isoprene when her sugar level changes.

"For blood sugar alerts, she will pick up a training tool called a bringsel that is attached to her collar and bring it to me to tell me it’s low or high," Shelby explained.

The well-trained pup was thrown a curveball when looking out for Shelby though. Luna didn't know how to act as Shelby went to greet Scooby with Luna at her side in early December. The reaction by Luna was perfect! You can watch below and you can also follow the pair on Instagram, @service.angel.luna.