SCAM ALERT: Students report scammers posing as UCCS professors

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A new scam is targetting local college students. The scammer poses as a professor and then promises a students a teaching aid position. Then, they're left with no job and no money.

UCCS police tell 11 News they've gotten multiple reports from students within the last few weeks. The scammer sends an email to the student's UCCS account, promising them a teaching aid position for a class abroad. Then, they send a check and ask them to go buy school supplies for the class. The check ends up bouncing after the student buys the supplies, and the victim is left empty-handed.

11 News spoke to a student named Morgan who said she fell for it and lost $1,000. A scammer emailed her and asked her to buy art supplies after promising her a teaching aid job.

"I felt kind of stupid because I trusted somebody that in my gut I shouldn't of trusted," Morgan said.

UCCS police say other students have lost thousands.

"It was just step by step that he slowly talked me into this before I decided to pull back and it was a little too late," Morgan told 11 News.

Police are working with the UCCS IT team to try and block the scam emails from students' inboxes. Police tell 11 News they have tracked some of the IP addresses to other countries, but it's difficult to find suspects in these cases.