Scammers posing as Black Hills Energy employees

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - A very convincing scam is making the rounds in Pueblo.

Police say residents are getting calls from scammers claiming to be with Black Hills Energy, warning customers they are behind on their payments and will lose services if they don't pay by the end of the day. The unsuspecting victims are given a phone number to make the payment -- a phone number that of called, has an automated system that sounds exactly like the real Black Hills Energy phone system.

Police urge anyone who gets this call to hang up and call the number on their utility bill. Black Hills Energy can verify if the phone call is legitimate.

As a general rule, never give personal information such as Social Security numbers to anyone who makes unsolicited call or visit to your home.

Police ask that if anyone received a visit to their home by someone claiming to be with Black Hills Energy, they call the police department at 719-553-2502. Officers are hoping to get a description of the suspects.