Scammers get off with thousands from local business with new scam

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - One local business is out thousands of dollars after one of their managers was scammed. This happened at Captain D’s in Pueblo near the Pueblo Mall.

It started out as a phone call from someone saying they were with the FBI. They called one of the managers at the store saying it under investigation for embezzlement.

The general manager said they threatened the other manager saying if she didn’t pay up and follow their directions, she would be arrested.
The men claiming to be with the FBI met up with the employee after she got off work and told her to drive to various locations and buy gift cards. She did this with company money.

The next day, Roberto Alvarado, who is the general manager, said he noticed immediately the money was missing and contacted police and the owner. He wants to warn other businesses of this scam.

“It's sad, people really need to be aware of what’s going on around us and just being educated on the red flags: gift cards or calls from unknown numbers or numbers that aren’t local. Meeting up with people that you don’t know,” said Alvarado.

He went on to say that the employee did keep her job because they believe she truly was a victim. The owner said their location isn’t the only one that’s been hit. Four other Captain D’s nationwide were also scammed out of money.