Scammers capitalize on Pueblo man's death

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Last month, Joseph Sena of Pueblo died from a motorcycle accident near the Colorado State Fairgrounds.

Since then, Sena's son Bruce says people have been trying to capitalize on his dad's death.

Soon after the accident, a Facebook page called Joseph Sena Memorial Fund was set up asking for donations.

The page claimed the donations would go to the family, but Bruce says they never saw a penny.

"I proceeded to call the woman discretely; acted like I was a donor. Kind of got a little bit of information about her, what she was doing and where the funds were going to," Bruce said.

Bruce says after he called the woman who set up the page and told her who he was. She told him there was nothing he could do about it.

"She got on the page and changed a few things up to try and cover her tracks," said Bruce.

Since then the Facebook page has been changed to Joseph Sena Memories Page, but Bruce says the page has no intention of remembering his father.

"It really hurts, you know, because from talking with her she portrayed it as if she was trying to help the family. Not knowing at the time I'm his oldest son. I never heard from this woman -- I don't know who she is. There was no point of contact either by Facebook or phone," Bruce said.

Bruce said he wants to apologize to anyone who donated to the page believing it would help his family.

He is now encouraging everyone to stay away from the page and not donate.