Letters, Thank You Cards Among Donations For Teachers, First Responders After STEM Shooting

Published: May. 10, 2019 at 5:52 PM MDT
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Thankful parents are coming together to rally around teachers and first responders, by giving them gifts and words of encouragement.

The doors of the Northridge Recreation Center were open as a safe haven for students when the STEM shooting happened on Tuesday, and the facility opened its doors again on Friday to take donations.

A steady stream of donors came and dropped off items in plastic tubs, including everything from food to school supplies, even hand-written letters of appreciation.

Parents who organized the donation drive say it’s the least they can do for the heroes who kept their children safe in moments that mattered most.

Shaylnn Hall is one of those parents. Her son is a STEM School student and was at the school when the shooting happened. He was able to get in touch with her because of a quick-acting teacher.

“(My son) did call me. That teacher letting him use his phone was the biggest act. It was simple, but it literally cleared my head, gave me peace,” said Hall.

That small gesture is compelled her to give back.

“I have to thank that teacher his tub will most definitely be full,” she added with a smile.

Other parents echoed similar sentiments. Their goal is to be a community that is stronger and more unified.

“I hear all this stuff about being a community, but it’s time we are a community before this stuff happens to our kids,” explained Jacquie Albertson.

The rec center at 8800 S. Broadway will be taking donations throughout the day, and everyone is welcome to come show their support.