SHARE IF YOU CARE: Horse rescue hit hard by blizzard

Published: Mar. 15, 2019 at 3:50 PM MDT
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Wednesday's blizzard took a toll on countless people across Colorado. It also devastated a horse rescue in Rush.

Carrie Terroux-Barrett tells 11 News they experienced wind gusts of nearly 100 mph at their weather station near Rush. This is where she operates C Lazy T Performance Horses. Outside of raising working ranching horses, her family serves as the Southern location for Colorado Horse Rescue Network. They support the rehabilitation and placement of stock breed horses in Colorado and surrounding states. Since 2015 they have helped more than 400 horses.

They prepared for Wednesday's blizzard as best as they could. But like many, no amount of preparation could have prevented destruction in so many areas across Colorado.

C Lazy T Performance Horses had damage to its barn, multiple other structures and supplies. Since the storm ended they've been digging out.

Communication was limited with Carrie because they had virtually no cell phone service following the storm. She says one of the horses was in a stall with a blanket when the wind forced a door open. They had the horse wrapped in a blanket. They had to force their way in, cut the blanket out of the horse and dig her out.

Other community members are stepping in hoping to help financially.

for a GoFundMe that was set up.

for a Facebook fundraiser that was set up.

We are dug out and the grader has passed by! Kristine is here digging out stalls and weve got a small tractor on the way...

Posted by Carrie Terroux-Barrett on Friday, March 15, 2019

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