Robbery suspect goes on driving rampage

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Colorado Springs Police say after much effort including a car and foot chase, they have one man suspected on felony robbery charges in custody.

Officers said they tried to bring the man at about 8 Thursday morning, but he sped off hitting two cop cars and the side of a car wash in the escape. Officers say this started near Powers and Palmer Park, and went as far as Garden of the Gods and I-25. Witnesses spotted the man driving erratically, slamming into random cars.

“I was just afraid for the people because they were hit pretty hard at a fast rate of speed,” Witness Mark Mann said.

Officers tell 11 News the man was successful in stealing someones car after crashing his own, and might have tried to do that multiple times. Officers said the man's driving was so dangerous they had to stop the chase, but he still drove like he was trying to get away.

“This is where it gets so difficult," Lt. Black explained. "We know we have a dangerous felon and he continued these behaviors without having any law enforcement following him. So getting him in a position where we can take him down safely and not affecting our community, that’s always objective one."

Eventually the suspect ran out of the car and into a neighborhood. Police were quick to run after him, racing through back yards.

Neighbor Crystal Ciuba said she noticed something odd out her window, and ran outside.

"There was just cops everywhere. Everywhere," Ciuba described.

Officers said a K-9 unit eventually caught up to the suspect and took him down. They arrested him in the front lawn in that neighborhood.

Colorado Springs Police have not yet named the man taken into custody, or what his previous robbery charges were.

They have added he will have a lot more charges now after this chase.