Rise in vehicle theft in Monument

MONUMENT, Colo. (KKTV) - In the span of just one day, seven vehicles were broken into in a single Monument neighborhood.

Monument police say it's a growing problem in their small community. Since the end of March, 14 vehicles total have been targeted by crooks. The MO is always similar: the crooks break in, rummage through the items left inside, and help themselves to what they want. The cars were all left unlocked -- all but one unlocked outside a home -- and at least one was left in a garage that had been left open.

The seven hit in a single day -- Tuesday -- were all in the Jackson Creek neighborhood.

Three cars have also been stolen during the same time frame. Police say the keys were left in two of the (unlocked) cars. The third time, the crooks went so far as to break into the home itself to find the keys. Police say that time, the garage had been left open.

The Monument Police Department urges everyone to keep their car doors locked and valuables out. Double check that your garages are closed, and keep your garage door openers out of your vehicles.

Anyone with information related to the vehicle trespasses or thefts is asked to call the Monument Police Department at 719-481-3253. People are also encouraged to call if they see anything suspicious in their neighborhoods.