Reports: FBI Deputy Director McCabe stepping down

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WASHINGTON (KKTV/AP) - According to reports, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is stepping down.

According to multiple sources familiar with the decision, McCabe informed FBI staff that he is stepping down immediately, effective Monday.

McCabe is eligible to retire in March, but has enough leave to step down earlier, CNN reports.

McCabe has been repeatedly attacked by Trump since the fall of 2016, when it was revealed that his wife had accepted campaign contributions from the political action committee of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat and close Clinton ally, during a failed state Senate run.

The FBI has said McCabe received the necessary ethics approval before his wife received the donations, and that at the time of the contributions, he was not in a supervisory role of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use.

But that has not stopped Trump from repeatedly insinuating that McCabe, and other FBI officials, are partisan law enforcement officials harboring a bias against him.

More recently, The Washington Post reported that following former Director James Comey's ouster, Trump allegedly questioned McCabe over who he voted for in the 2016 election.

The White House said Monday that Trump was not involved in McCabe's departure.

As deputy director, McCabe is the bureau's number two.