Arrest papers: Accused killer disguised himself as a woman before shooting

 Person of interest Mark Peters<br />Photo courtesy: CSPD
Person of interest Mark Peters<br />Photo courtesy: CSPD (KKTV)
Published: Jul. 13, 2018 at 6:27 PM MDT
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An alleged killer disguised himself as a woman to get into his ex-wife's home.

Once she opened the door, he gunned her down.

So say arrest papers obtained by 11 News regarding the death of Michelle Peters, who was found shot in her home on the 3400 block of Galleria Terrace Friday night.

Mark Peters was captured around midnight Saturday and was charged Monday with first-degree murder.

Arrest papers say Michelle Peters had a protection order against her former husband since May 30 and had told people close to her that she was terrified of him.

"Ms. Peters told me she is afraid of Mr. Peters," the court documents noted one friend saying during an interview with investigators. "She stated Mr. Peters is continuously trying to locate her and has told her in the past that he is going to cut off her head, her arms and legs, and set her body on fire."

Michelle Peters had sought refuge at her daughter's home since May. Her daughter was with her mother Friday night and recounted the moments leading up to the shooting to police afterward:

"She said tonight the doorbell rang, and her mother looked out the peephole and said a woman was at the front door because she saw the back of an individual ... and noticed this individual to have long black and red hair. [The daughter] began to open after looking through the peephole and confirming that it appeared to be a woman with her back to the door while holding pamphlets. She said as soon as she unlocked the door and began to open the door, this individual shoved a gun inside of the house."


Excerpt from Mark Peters arrest affidavit

The daughter told police she and her mother tried shoving the door shut while the "woman" pushed back and began screaming expletives at Michelle Peters. The daughter said she immediately recognized the voice as Mark Peters and then saw he was holding a gun.

"[The daughter] said they were unable to close the door, possibly because Mark had his foot in the door. ... She said Mark made the statement, 'I'm going to shoot you through the door,' as he pulled [the] gun from the inside of the house and shot one time through the door, hitting her mother on the right side of her head."


Excerpt from Mark Peters arrest affidavit

Police said when they got to the scene after 6 p.m., the daughter was holding her mother's face where the bullet had hit. Michelle Peters died a short time later.

Records show Peters is in the El Paso County Jail. He cannot bond out because of the first-degree murder charge.

He is expected in court next week.

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