Red light, green light coming soon to Interstate 25 on-ramps in Colorado Springs

Photo courtesy: MGN
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (The Gazette) - If Colorado Springs residents needed another sign that traffic in their city is becoming more like Denver, it’ll soon be visible at the end of on-ramps to Interstate 25.

The Colorado Department of Transportation will begin installing ramp meters — traffic lights that allow one car at time to merge onto the interstate — at on-ramps from Rockrimmon Boulevard to Nevada Avenue south of downtown this summer, said CDOT spokeswoman Michelle Peulen.

The traffic lights, which will be at the end of the on-ramps when the project is completed next year, reduce congestion by allowing vehicles onto I-25 at a steady pace, Peulen said.

The traffic lights will be equipped with sensors so that they are activated when vehicle speeds on I-25 fall to 45 mph or below. The lights will be red for a few seconds at a time and allow one car to enter the interstate each time they turn green, Peulen said.

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