Red Rocks changes ticket system for wheelchair-accessible seats

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DENVER, Colo. (KKTV) -- A popular concert venue is changing the way they sell tickets for wheelchair accessible seats. We first told you about the problem last year when we talked with a man who is one of several who filed a lawsuit against Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Red Rocks Amphitheater. Credit: MGN

"When that row is filled up with all able-bodied people and I'm the only person in a wheelchair – something is wrong," Jim Vacik told 11 News reporter Katie Pelton.

Vacik is one of several people named in a lawsuit against Red Rocks Ampitheater. Click here for the original story. He loves going to concerts with his son but says it's hard to find a wheelchair-accessible seat. That's because scalpers are buying them and selling them to anyone.

"If it says 'wheelchair' and you're not in one, you don't belong there. Because you really are taking it away from somebody who needs that seat," he said.

Now, Red Rocks is making it easier for fans with disabilities to get seats. Starting next year, Red Rocks will verify that ticket holder needs an accessible seat.

"That's all we ask for fair treatment, equal treatment," Vacik added.

Vacik told 11 News he is hopeful and is rooting everything gets fixed. But he said he will have to see what the new system is like.

The new rule goes into effect with the new concert season, which starts in February. Click here for more information from Red Rocks.