Record-breaking goal set for Rampart High School's 'Bald 4 Bucks'

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Bald is beautiful. The students at Rampart High School are proving that for a 10th straight year.

One in every nine students at Rampart High School has pledged to shave their heads on or before Feb. 24. The gesture is to show support and raise funds for those battling cancer that have undergone chemotherapy treatment and hair loss. In 2016 about 300 heads were shaved with nearly $54,000 raised.

2016 "Bald 4 Bucks" assembly

Student Council is now working to get the word out to the rest of the community.

Last year's funds helped catapult Rampart High School to the number two spot on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Student Series. The series is based around philanthropy programs put on by students to help thousand of people in their fight against blood cancers. Students are hoping to take the top spot on this list in 2017.

The goal this year is $75,000. Each student shaving their head has pledged to raise a certain amount of money. The community can donate by clicking here. A link has also been placed in the sidebar of this article.

32 women shaved their heads in 2016. Some donated their hair to Locks of Love.

Much of the money stays in Colorado Springs. The school has chosen a local 7-year-old leukemia survivor to provide support for. In March of 2011, just before his 2nd birthday, Logan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Following three years of chemotherapy, Logan remains in remission. The school will host a "superhero" themed assembly on Feb. 24 to honor Logan's love for superheroes. The students are honoring Logan as their "Hero Child."

Each year, the first $1,000 raised goes to a local family. This year a teacher from Mountain Ridge Middle School was chosen.

The event started a decade ago to benefit a Rampart teacher battling cancer. Students and staff stepped up to shave their heads in front of the whole school to raise money for the family of Penny Sandford.

Mrs. Penny Sandford

The school raised $3,000 for Sandford to spend time with her family and assist with medical expenses. Soon after, Sandford passed away. Her son requested the school bring back the assembly in honor of his mother. Since then Rampart has hosted its "Bald 4 Bucks" assembly annually.

It isn't just Rampart High School that takes part. Liberty High School is teaming up for the cause as the assembly has grown over the years. Local elementary and middle schools also take part.

People of all ages participate

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