Call for Action: Quality Roofing and Construction under investigation

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - This Colorado Springs woman just wants her roof. Louise Allen says she signed a contract with Quality Roofing and Construction, owned by Josh Noel, last October.

Orange roof tiles, brick chimney and blue sky

She says soon afterwards the company cashed her $4,300 check but attempts to get her job done ever since have led nowhere.

“Since Oct. 13 is when I signed the contract and nothing has been done. I've been given the runaround. Nothing but excuses, excuses turn into lies and then more lies to cover up the previous lies," Louise told 11 News.

Louise says if her roof isn't done soon, she will lose another $4,000, the second half of her insurance payment. Now she says she’ll try small claims court to get her money back.

Louise was surprised she encountered problems because she and others researched the company. Quality Roofing and Construction has been around 13 years, has a valid contractor license with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, and had an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

Jose Del a Cruz says Quality Roofing and Construction did a great job on his roof back in 2009, so he rehired the company in 2016. Jose says his roof was completed, but neither his garage door opener nor his back deck have been repaired, which were all part of his contract.

On top of that, Jose tells me, since the company never turned in required paperwork to his insurance company, he could lose $6,000 in insurance money.

"I feel that they're scamming the people. It just seems to me that they took everybody's money and they took off with it," Jose said.

Desiree Streib says her roof was finished, but she needs the roofer to come back and take care of her broken window and missing shingles so it will pass final county inspection. She says she still hasn't paid quality roofing because her job isn't finished.

Desiree says the worst part is the roofing supply company, Gulf Eagle Supply, says it never was paid for her roofing material, so now that company's filed a mechanic's lien filed against her home.

Desiree says, “As a single parent I don't just have thousands of dollars laying around to take care of it myself.”

The phone number for Quality Roofing and Construction is temporarily disconnected. The landlord for the company’s office here on Pikes Peak tells me Josh Noel stopped paying the rent so he's been evicted from this location.

The only other address I have for Quality Roofing and Construction is this rental home in southeast Colorado Springs. When I went there to talk to Noel, a man who refused to identify himself told me he didn't know any of the customers I've been talking to and said other customers had not paid on time. He claimed that's what is causing trouble for the company.

Betty: "You don't feel bad for your customers?"
Man: "These people should feel bad for not paying us like they should."
Betty: "No, they did pay. I have pictures of their cancelled checks."
Man: “We're the ones getting screwed because we're the ones who have not got paid by over 50 people. We are in probably, like I said, the numbers, but we are out of money. Not out of money, but they have not paid us, so why should I feel bad about someone?"

I recently heard from Noel by email. He blamed the company’s troubles on his son, who he says wasn’t ready to handle the big responsibility of the Colorado office. He also says another person he hired “went rogue on him” and started writing contracts using his company name and logo. Noel also blames subcontractors for “stealing, lying, and re-writing checks and cashing them for their benefit.” He also said, “We have and still are doing everything we can to get all the jobs completed and we will get them done!"

A detective with the Colorado Springs Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit is now investigating five complaints against Noel and his company and wants to hear from other victims. The detective suggests only signing a roofing contract with a clear timetable of when materials will be delivered and when your job will be completed. That's information none of these customers was given. If you would like to contact the Financial Crimes Unit, dial 719-444-7000.

An attorney for Pikes Peak Regional Building Department says the department is also investigating Noel and Quality Roofing and Construction.