Pueblo streets to get fixed up after council approves increasing fees

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) Some people are upset about how much they'll have to pay to fix the roads. Pueblo city council voted on Tuesday to double the proposed fees that residents will have to start paying in January. To date, no one has paid any fees.

Voters said yes to paying a fee and creating this enterprise last November. Voters also gave city council the right to determine just how much they're going to have to pay.

Initially, residents were going to have to pay $1 each month, then small service businesses were going to pay $5, and retail and restaurants were going to pay $25, and then big box stores were going to have to pay $50, but now all of that doubled. Council member Dennis Flores suggested the doubled pay structure.

It was a close vote by council with 4 in favor and 3 opposed for this new fee structure. The council members in favor were Ray Aguilera, Ed Brown, council president Chris Nicoll and Flores. Mark Aliff and Bob Schilling approved the original pay rate but not the doubled one, and Larry Atencio didn’t approve of either.

The main concern is for the small business owners who will now have to pay $50 a month for this.

11 News talked the owner of Statis Events off Union and Yolanda Baca-Smith says that this fee could hurt small businesses throughout the city.
"We struggle to make things work anyway we have a lot of overhead and I love my space down on union but when you start tacking on added fees on top of that it all trickles down hill,” said Baca-Smith.

People will see this fee on their water bill in a few months. Councilman Brown said this is the best way to come up with the funding to fix the roads in the city.

“I think it’s going to improve the city because that’s the number one thing in our survey is that citizens were complaining about the streets so this will give us some money to do that,” said Brown.