Pueblo school districts open new Track Centers to help kids get to college

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) One local school district is working to make it easier for kids so they can go to college. District 70 in Pueblo County just opened up what’s being called a track center inside Pueblo West high school. Even though it’s through CSU Pueblo, the university said they’re working to send kids to any college. Not just their own.

Here is how it works, someone will be working in the center from CSU Pueblo and they’ll help a student and their parents step by step. This includes walking them through financial aid, writing essays, and getting transcripts.

"I know that I could've really used a program or a system like this or have someone reach out to me and tell me what to do I knew I wanted to go to college it's just that I didn't know how,” said Ed Smith, the superintendent of schools.

The track center is going to be open to all D70 high schools.
CSU Pueblo also opened up another center at East High school on Wednesday as well. That’s going to be open to all Pueblo City high school students and they’ll be doing the same thing.

“The track center coordinator will break down barriers and show families and students there is an avenue and there is a way to obtain a higher education,” said Pat Loughlin the East High school head counselor.