Pueblo police execute active shooter training at a school

Published: Jan. 11, 2019 at 10:15 PM MST
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First responders these days have to be ready for anything.

The best way to do that is train.

That's why the Pueblo Police Department had an active shooter training exercise Friday morning at east high.

All the officers knew it was a drill coming. But they didn't know anything else. They were tested on how they react to a realistic active shooter situation. Gunshots filled the hallways at Pueblo East Friday morning.

"Just the adrenaline from that, it was very realistic," one of the people participating explained.

The training is considered a great opportunity to bring all those resources together and see how we would react in an event like this.

While it was just a drill. It felt real as officers worked to figure out what exactly happened.

Students are normally off on Fridays, but some were brought in for this training.

"My heart started pumping a little bit and I could start feeling it kinda," a student described the situation. "We got in the closest classroom and got under the desks and turned off the lights."

In just a short time – some officers saw areas where they can get better.

"You know just the familiarity with these schools themselves," one officer stated. "I'm a graveyard officer so I'm not familiar with the inside of the schools."

At the end of the drill first responders were tested on treating victims, clearing the scene and handling a hostage situation. Police say they used blanks inside the building to try and show students and staff what gunfire actually sounds like.