Pueblo experiencing aggressive homeless population

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - A local nonprofit that helps homeless people is changing the way it does business because some the homeless people are getting too aggressive.

"And so much so that it has really changed the way we do business and provide services to the homeless population," said Posada Executive Director Anne Stattelman.

Stattelman says Posada will still be providing services to the homeless but with a more targeted approach.

Posada’s service delivery and case management will be delivered in scattered sites throughout the city of Pueblo.

Stattelman says there are more homeless people on the streets of Pueblo right now, and people are getting desperate.

"There is no shelter available for single people right now so there are a lot more people that are camping outside and that are desperate and their attitudes aren't great," Stattelman said.

Shonna McCreery recently saw first hand how some of the homeless population can get aggressive.

McCreery says she was driving on Highway 50 and Troy coming from the Sonic when a homeless man standing on the median asked her for change.

McCreery was in the driver's seat of her car with the window rolled down.

When she nodded her head no and said sorry, the man threw change at her through the window of her vehicle.

"I'm trying to understand why they are becoming so violent, and it's just some of them are unpredictable and this stuff needs to stop," McCreery said.

McCreery says she doesn't understand why someone who is asking for change would throw what change he had at her.

"That doesn't make any sense," she told 11 News.