Pueblo County to join HSPPR 'Bite Blotter'

One of the cases recorded on the Bite Blotter happened in October 2019 when a dog shot up the...
One of the cases recorded on the Bite Blotter happened in October 2019 when a dog shot up the street and attacked a young girl. (Photo: Still from surveillance video released by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region) (KKTV)
Published: Feb. 19, 2020 at 12:43 PM MST
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Pueblo County dog bites will now be recorded on the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region's "Bite Blotter."

The blotter is intended to help the community keep track of pet bites. The humane society says between Pueblo and El Paso counties, they received 23,000 calls about potentially aggressive animals -- and those are just the ones reported. According to HSPPR, many bites go unreported.

The blotter shows the animal, victim, date of the attack and zip code where the attack took place, as well as the animal's bite history, the severity of the bite, the location of the wound, and any additional notes by the officer.

One case that is winding its way through court right now is from October of last year, when a dog seemingly came from nowhere to attack a 5-year-old girl walking into a Colorado Springs church. Disturbing video footage from the church security cams shows the dog running from a nearby neighborhood into the parking lot, then jumping onto the little girl and pulling her down. The child was fortunately uninjured, and the owner was charged with unlawful ownership of a dangerous animal. The humane society says this type of incident is common and is an example of what needs to be reported, for everyone's safety.

"As providers of Animal Law Enforcement, public safety is a top priority -- it is our duty to protect people from pets, and pets from people,” said Jamie Norris, director of ALE at HSPPR, in a statement to media Wednesday. “If you witness any violence or abuse to an animal or by an animal, we urge you to contact our team. We’re better together, and with community support, we can make 2020 a safer year for both the people and the pets of El Paso and Pueblo counties.”