Burglary suspect hides in closet of Springs home

Burglary suspect Dylan Johnson
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - "I heard [a noise] in my closet ... I opened it, and there's a guy standing in there."

A terrifying moment for any person: a bump in the night, pets riled up, then discovering someone hiding inside your home.

It happened to Joshua Carey in the wee hours of Monday morning at the Columbine Leaf Apartments on East San Miguel near Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

At first, Carey said his dog was barking and acting weird.

"My dog was running around. I was like, 'Dude, why are acting so weird?' And I kept walking back and forth out here in my apartment complex in circles just trying to see what was going on, and there was nothing."

The second time he returned to his home, he heard a noise.

"My dog's going crazy. I hear something in the closet, and then I opened it and he was there, standing there, with a knife," Carey told 11 News.

This was just before 3 a.m.

Carey said the man got into his home through a window while he was letting his dog out. He said the knife the burglar was holding was from his kitchen.

"He was literally like this. ... He was like this," Carey said, standing with his stomach against the wall, arms spread out.

Carey started to punch the suspect and then sat on him until Colorado Springs police got there.

"My knuckle hurts," Carey said.

Investigators arrested Dylan Johnson for the burglary.

Carey said he knows Johnson. Johnson reportedly used to date the woman Carey's brother is dating now.

It's unclear, however, why the suspect was in Carey’s home.