Colorado Springs police chief issues statement amid weekend protests

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Protests in Colorado Springs remained peaceful Sunday night. At about midnight, protesters started throwing objects including water bottles at police forcing officers to push the crowd back.

A protester was kicking a smoking device back at police early Monday morning in Colorado Springs. 6/1/20.

You can watch raw video from the protest below:

Demonstrators filled the streets of downtown Denver and Colorado Springs again on Sunday, marching peacefully. In Denver, the protesters marched by buildings that were boarded up from the vandalism the night before.

The Colorado Springs Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page at about 10 p.m.:
"Over the past few days, I have thought deeply about what I can say as your City’s Chief of Police that would make a difference following the events that transpired in Minneapolis. As I reflected, I came to understand that there are no words that could fully provide stability after the video has caused so much strife, pain, anger, and a negative perception of law enforcement across our entire nation. Instead, I want to give you my honest outlook.

I am not in a position to sit in judgment of another law enforcement organization or their employees. From what I have seen and what I know about use of force procedures the actions of the police in Minneapolis were questionable and tragic. In being transparent with everyone, I am saddened. I am saddened by Mr. Floyd’s death, as every life is precious. I am saddened watching videos of communities being burned in protest, as violence is never the answer. And lastly, I am saddened to see trust in law enforcement diminish, as the actions of a few do not represent us all."