Protesters arrested during Trump's Denver stop

Published: Jul. 2, 2016 at 8:31 AM MDT
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Police and protesters clashed outside the Colorado Convention Center Friday, resulting in several arrests.

The protesters were drawn to site of the Western Conservative Summit by the summit's top billed speaker: Donald Trump.

As Trump addressed a crowd of thousands packed into the convention center, protesters filled the streets outside. A crowd had already formed hours before Trump's 10:30 a.m. speech; after fighting broke out among the protesters, SWAT teams moved in to control the crowd.

Trump never mentioned the protesters in his speech, but former vice president nominee Sarah Palin did, joking about them as she addressed the crowd just before Trump took the stage.

“Those accusers are the silly protesters at Trump rallies. We’ve been telling him he should hold his rallies at construction sites, we know those protesters won’t show up at work sites,” Palin said.

Once it was Trump's turn to talk, the presumptive nominee repeatedly reminded the audience that he lost Colorado to Ted Cruz back in April.

"Colorado has taught me a lot about politics. I learned a lot because polls came out that I was going to win and doing really well in Colorado and looked good, and I was looking forward to it..then all of a sudden I didn't get the delegates. ... The system is rigged," Trump said.

Trump spoke on immigration, which he has made a substantial part of his platform.

"We’re going to have strong borders. We’re going to have the wall, we’re going to let people who come into our country that should come into our country and they’re going to come into our country legally, they’re going to come in legally."

He mentioned guns -- "The NRA endorsed me to save your Second Amendment, 100 percent we're saving your Second Amendment -- and trade, tying the latter back in with immigration.

"We’re being destroyed by trade… we’re being destroyed at our borders, we’re allowing people to come into our country from Syria and other places that shouldn’t be allowed to come into our country."

Trump promised to be back in Colorado, a battleground state, several more times before November.

The crowd outside the convention thinned out by noon, after Trump had finished speaking.