Colorado Springs preschool shut down after state suspends license, workers feel blindsided

Published: Nov. 16, 2019 at 7:28 PM MST
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A group of teachers at a Colorado Springs preschool tell 11 News they were blindsided when the child care facility they work at suddenly shut down this week. The facility's license was suspended because it's operated by the same owner who also had a nearby in-home day care raided by police.

Parents whose children attended Counterpoint School, at 610 E. Willamette Ave., went to the school Thursday after getting a call to come pick up their children. They were told the preschool would also be shutting down one day after

State records show both child care facilities are owned by Carla Faith, who's accused of caring for more children at Play Mountain Place than her state license allowed. Teachers who worked at her preschool down the street, Counterpoint, say they are now all out of jobs. They say the facility used to employ around 20 people.

“We don’t know where to go. We don’t know what to do. We’re struggling," said Christina Stephens, a teacher at Counterpoint.

Teachers at Counterpoint tell 11 News they showed up to work Thursday and were told someone with licensing would be coming to the preschool. By 11:00 a.m. the teachers say the preschool was shut down and kids were sent home.

“Parents were crying. We were crying," said Myah Emanuel, another Counterpoint teacher. "Kids didn't know what to do. We are everything for them, and now they’re just gone and we didn’t get to say goodbye.”

"It just escalated," said Nichole Manhart. "It all happened in a day. One day and we don’t have jobs.”

The preschool teachers say they don't know what happened at Faith's in-home daycare, Play Mountain Place. They say everything they did at Counterpoint was done by the books.

“We're attached to the name of Play Mountain Place, because Carla owned both places. So, that’s put a bad name for us," said teacher Chelcea Campbell. "We were not actually associated with anything going on at Play Mountain, and that’s the hardest part because we’re getting punished.”

Now, the teachers say they all are looking at an uncertain future as they head into the holidays.

“I’m just really sad, because I don’t want to have to find a new job. I love it here," said Manhart. “I’ve been working here for five years and it’s devastating," Emanuel added.

The group of teachers at Counterpoint tell 11 News they rarely saw the facility's operator, Carla Faith. Our crew asked if any of them had heard from Faith since both facilities were raided. They say Faith apologized to them and took full responsibility.

11 News has reached out to Faith several times and have not heard back from her. Faith has not been arrested. A spokesperson for Colorado Springs Police says detectives are working to determine the appropriate charges.

Three adult workers at the daycare, Play Mountain Place, were arrested for misdemeanor charges, but those charges were canceled by detectives pending further investigation.

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