Pothole Situation Likely to Get Worse Unless Funding Approved to Fix Aging Roads

March 1, 2015 Winter weather is taking a toll on roads in Colorado Springs, and potholes seem to be popping up everywhere.

One particularly large hole on Academy Blvd. damaged at least six vehicles on Saturday alone. Those vehicles had to have their tires replaced.

Road crews are out trying to get those holes fixed. In fact, they've already repaired about 6,000 since the start of the year.

That's three times more than were filled by this time last year.

Still, some drivers worry that it may not be fast enough.

Potholes like [the one on Academy] need to be filled, because it puts other people in danger. A lot more could have happened. I could have hit another car and that would have been awful," one driver told 11 News.

Road crews say the increasing number of potholes is due to aging roads. They tell 11 News that asphalt deteriorates slowly for the first 12 years. Then, it starts to crumble rapidly after that.

A lot of the streets in Colorado Springs are past that 12 year mark so they are going to get exponentially worse unless something major is done to fix them.

That will take major funding.