Pothole problems continue

Pothole problems continue
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) We heard from a lot of you after our story aired this week about pothole damage. So, we checked out some of the worst potholes you told us about in Colorado Springs.

One pothole was on Dublin. Another viewer told us about a pothole at Airport and Academy. Several cars hit it while our crew was there.

"I'm always looking for them, but sometimes there might be somebody to the right of you to where you can't get over," said Dalton Maier.

"I've had to have an alignment, I believe, twice this year," said Danitza Young.

The city tells us usually when crews fill a reported pothole, they end up finding several others on the same road and fix those as well. So far this year, the city has filled more than 25,000 potholes.

"They did improve, but at the same time, it still could be a lot more improvement with them," said Edie Olivas.

"I don't know how you can tell whether someone's drinking and driving when you're swerving around all these potholes," Young added.

Some more reprieve is headed our way next week: paving work will kick off as part of the 2C funding.

The city wants you to report potholes. You can do so by calling 385-ROAD.

You can also tell us about the potholes you come across. We have a section on our website called "Policing Potholes."